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Antlia Egypt is a permanent delegation of Antlia Consulting in Cairo (Egypt). Our branch is an organisation of passionate and recognized professionals, who manage or assist projects and temporary assignments of our customers. Our strength and uniqueness is creating direct added value for our customers' businesses with professionals of outstanding quality thanks to our unique approach of combining project management and management development.

Key factors of the recognition and acceptance of our performance in Egypt are:

. High knowledge of Egypt's economic, social and political reality, through our experienced local consultants, with more than 25 years of business experience.
. Wide network of long-term relationships and business contacts within the private sector and the Public Administrations.
. The development of stable projects, from 2005, in surroundings of the enterprise management and the technical cooperation.

Business focus

Our expert consultants are selected from a variety of organizational levels and industries. They know how to effectively focus on the most important areas of your company and work with you to accomplish your goals.

Although we reach a variety of business and knowledge fields, our local consultants have focused recently on:

. Strategic development
. Market Research
. Industry enhancement
. Technological management
. Human Resources Management
. Project Management in the agricultural sector
. Training and capacity building
. Tourism and real state.
. Export management
. Public Administration reforms (institutional strengthening) focused on enhancing the private sector.
. Energy sector

Antlia's consultants have more than 25 years of professional experience in the business arena, locally introduced in the private business and public administration networks. Although Arab and English speaking areminimum requirements, some of them do master other languages such as French, Italian. Spanish is also spoken.
In the last 3 years our firm has been participating, among others, in the following projects:

. Business Management Courses in the American University of Cairo
. Implementation of the Strategic Management System at ECS (Egyptian Commercial Services) under the Trade Enhancement program (TEP-A)
. Agricultural Assessment
. Agricultural foreign investment management and contract farming projects.
. Market research for foreign and national companies, including the Energy Sector
. Human Resources Management in Alexandria's Library

The strength of our team is in its specialization and diversity, which allows a great capacity us from adaptation to different surroundings.

If you would like to know more about us and the potential benefits available for your needs, you need contact only one organisation for superior results.Antlia Egypt!

Our contact details are:
Mail: antlia.egypt@antliaconsulting.com