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La empresa

Antlia Consulting is a private company specialized in developing the external financing of your R+D+I projects and your international business ventures.

We hold an important focus on tax deductions and tax rebates for R+D+I, as Spain holds (year 2007) the most beneficiary tax and fiscal incentives system for R+D+I in Europe (according to OCDE studies).

When we combine these fiscal opportunities with the public system of aids and subventions, we achieve the so called "sweet point" of external finance for your Research and Innovation (R+D+i) projects.

Our methodology "1YI" is based on a high integration with our client in order to provide the highest yielding.

. Tax Rebates and Deductions for R+D+I activities. Searching and optimizing the finance of technological and internationalization projects via public funds.

. Consulting services for innovating companies and organizations in the fields of technology and internationalization.

. Strategic Management (Planning, Balanced Scorecard, etc.)

. International Trade services.

Antlia is a company specialized in offering solutions in:

Tax Rebates and Tax Deductions for R+D+innovation activities. Financing technological innovation through rebates on the Profit Tax for corporations, under the Spanish Law, which is the most beneficial througout Europe (according to the OECD). We also manage and include public helps and subventions for Innovation.

Innovation Management. Leveraging your company or organization by innovation activities.

Strategic Management. High level strategic thinking gets your company and organization further towards your Mission and Objectives. Transmitting goals and values (through a strategic Scorecard) are the only means to an effective Strategic Planning (that is finally implemented).

International Trade Services. We manage the international network "WORDisFLAT" that offers business partners (companies, consultants, organizations) in a wide range of countries, including Europe, Middle East and North Africa.


Antlia's consultants have more than 15 years of professional experience in the business arena, 10 of them dedicated to Development Finance. Internationalization and international business are, together with Business Management, fields where we gather experience and succes.

Our Value Proposal is:
- To be your Department of Project Finance, embedded in your staff, on the ground of fees linked to success.
- To Develop your international business as partners.